DJ Delay presents – Beyond The Kolo

BEAM03 – DJ Delay presents: Beyond The Kolo (Digital only)

Robert Soko – “Perfect for the Balkan Beats dancefloor”
MPS Pilot – “Digging it!”
Untimely Sound – “It’s all wicked!”

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9 contemporary artists interpret the traditional Cacak Kolo.
Electro, Dubstep, Jungle and breakbeat gems set the
dancefloor alight while Downbeat, Dub, Cumbia & Contemporary
Classical flavours make for the perfect after party.

This is a project, which invited 9 different artists to interpret the Čačak Kolo (Serbia) in the context of their current musical direction.

Čačak kolo is the name of many Shope type dances found in Eastern Serbia, Northeastern Macedonia, and Western Bulgaria. They are characterized by their fast 2/4 metered music. Čačak dances are often referred to by the town or region from which they come.

Whilst this traditional tune is well known to anyone from the former Yugoslavia, this has not been a part of the handful of tunes, which have been remixed and re- presented in the last 10 years.

FLeCK, Joro Boro and Gypsy Syndicate give burning Dubstep remixes, with killer club tunes from DJ Superstereo, Unsoundboy, Gypsy Syndicate and DJ Delay. Tricky D stands tall with a Cumbia dub version, Curse Ov Dialect show their abstract Hiphop skills and Benjamin Skepper bows in with a tense Contemporary Classical piece.

This release shows how far traditional music can be taken beyond standard club fare. A must for all lovers of traditional and upful club music!

A mix of all Beyond The Kolo tracks skillfully blended by the Gipsy Syndicate.
*** Individual tracks available in all good online stores now!

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