Glastobury, Fusion Exit festivals 2011

An good Summer taking in Glastonbury and Fusion festivals. Quite a contrast.
Glasto’s mud fest had everything you wanted to see on at opposite ends of the city of mud. Took around an hour+ to trudge through hopefully not losing your wellies and taking a mud bath along the way. Hung out with the diafrix boys who had an AMAZING backstage…which saved me. Thanks guys!

glastonbury backstage

A total blast for the second time at this special North German fest. Fusion was 1000% better organised with respect to most aspects. Artists get treated like human beings and there’s more of a relaxed vibe (pretty good for 55,000 people)
Here are a couple of pics and also a DJ set inspired by the Carny like Cabaret at the end of the world hangar (where Delay’s spun Sat night 3 years running!)
(brother Beam Up also did a live dubwise set at the Dubstation..included at the bottom)

fusion 6am after Cabaret set

fusion sunset


Exit was my first visit to Serbia. Fantastic hosts (Dub Duba) amazing fortress venue and ……..a lot of slivovica everywhere….
Only have photos of the setup before people arrived as was having too much fun to bother any other time :)

Exit roots & flowers stage pre opening Exit ?? stage..but what a backdrop! Exit JAL style

Beam Up Live @Fusion Dubstation 2011

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