Damo Suzuki, Drum Eyes & Delay on MS20

Nice surprise to be invited to play as part of Drum Eyes…effectively being the backing band (“sound carriers” as he calls us) for Damo Suzuki on his endless world tour (which kicked off more than 10 years ago…anyone remember?). Goh (Devilman, Dokkebi Q) was on sound and long time friend E-Da on drums so it was was a kind of (very Japanese) family affair! Gig was in the Friedenskirche Charlottenburg with a spooky 9 foot high wooden cross on the stage right behind Shige’s bass rig. A very large and messy mural was the backdrop on the rear wall of the church stage.. a kind of graf influenced work with horses, lots of red and the Brandenburger Tor. Pretty surreal. DJ Scotch Egg does have a recording of the gig somewhere……..

Anyways… was quite a buzz to play an improv show with someone of this calibre (even though we really couldn’t hear diddly squat of his singing on the night)….. For those who aren’t too familiar with Damo, check out Can

For those interested…. the MS20 setup was something like this:


MS20 patch


If you got this far you might enjoy the post linked >here<

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