Whole lotta DJ mixes goin’ on

In an effort to concentrate and reduce redundancy… this post collects the 3 main places that DJ Delay’s mixes (radio & non radio) can be found on t’interwebs.

There’s over 100 hours out there – dive in!
Many many flavours focussed upon including bass, dub, techno (and all it’s variations), odd/kooky, spoken word, dancehall, indie, worldwide, music from hot climates, experimental …and more..

Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Straightup are the 3 main places.
Click the images below to see what’s inside………….

Cloudcasts by DJ Delay on Mixcloud

Soundcloud is now a placeholder for mixes with a <1min edit ... check the mix pages or click the "shopping trolley" button there for details of how to hear the whole mixes! Many are now on Mixcloud (above) but some are elsewhere 😉


“Into The Groovy” – 50+ episodes on Straightup
Into The Groovy (40+ shows)

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