Harvest festival Ontario

The festival’s a calling and really looking forward to this one! Set out near the great lakes a few 100 clicks north of Toronto this annual gathering’s been going on for a long time now. On the grounds of Midlothian Castle with large concrete screaming heads (inspired by Munch’s painting) all over the place this festival is much less a temporary city (e.g. Glastonbury) and more a massive camp-out with an excellent environment and music++

Of the 3 stages there Delay will be inside the Pyramid scheduled between Naasko & RSD – sweet!

Will be putting some photos up later if I remember to take any!

Harvest Festival homepage

(16.09.14) Post festival report….. mad event…lovely people and diverse range of music! Sound in the pyramid was provided by the 40hz soundsystem outta Toronto. Wow – what a sweet, clear, deep sound that beast produces! Big ups to the 40hz crew! The weather was a bit crappy…meaning cold and rainy – so for photos please chack the Harvest website – theirs are better!


52 630 1a-2

40hz soundsystem

bass! full rig!

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