DJ Delay has been spinning vinyl, cd, cassette, minidisc and hard-drive sounds all around the world since ’89
Since then there have been over 1000 shows on 4 continents of planet earth.
12 years of “Into The Groovy” – a freeform weekly radio show on Melbourne’s PBSFM cemented the search-out-and-and-broadcast bug for exciting sounds of all flavours.

Delay also releases music from time to time in a remixed format (e.g. Brass Wires & Bass) and “original” format (e.g. MIDI East EP).

Delay’s lived in the UK, Australia & Japan – currently calling Berlin Germany his home.

You can find even more music under his alter-egos are Beam Up & Sonical
If you want to dig even further check out the music of Breather Hole, High Pass Filter, Circushead, Breather Hole & Hicstep.

Adventures in sound!

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